Surprise Asteroid band live

SA: The Project

Surprise Asteroid is a music project involving the help of many great talents.  Our love of music forces us to create and release music as much as possible.

  • History

    Founding songwriters Grant Reigner and Joby Adams discovered early on that collaborating with others drove positive refinement in their songs.  In 2009, they began exploring collaborations with fellow artists next door, in another city, or in another state.  Surprise Asteroid emerged.

  • Contributors

    Grant Reigner – songwriting, guitars, bass, vocals, percussion
    Joby Adams – songwriting, guitars, bass, vocals, percussion
    Andrew Metzger – percussion
    Chad Deutsch – synth, touring bassist
    John Mark Painter – production, various instrumentation
    Bobby Huff – percussion
    Anthony “Rocky” Gallo – production
    Michael Burke – background vocals

  • Booking and Management

    Songwriter Grant Reigner is currently available for booking as a songwriter/collaborator on your project.  Contact him here.  Surprise Asteroid is not currently on tour or playing live shows.  They were deemed too dangerous for audiences at this time.

No trust, no glory


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