Dearest of Asteroids,

After what feels like forever, our new song “Speak” has been set loose upon the world.  The official release date was 1-19-19, but being a couple days late with this post gives us the opportunity to share the progress of our latest effort.  And by “progress”, I mean “total smashing success.”  That success is something we owe totally to you guys, our friends and fans, getting the word out in a very big way.  THANK YOU!  Let’s jump right to the highlights:

While I’m especially proud of the track, much of this awesome news is because of my talented collaborators.  Special thanks to Joby Adams and Michael Burke for filling out the chorus vocals, and also to Anthony “Rocky” Gallo for doing an incredible job mixing and polishing the song; also passing on thanks to Mike Kalajian at Rogue Planet Mastering for the final touches.

Thanks again for all the support of plays, purchases, and sharing our new song on social media.  And no, we’re not done.*

Things are good, or so I hear,


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