Loyal asteroids:

It’s been several months without an official written update, but there’s a great reason for that.  No, we weren’t busy starring in the new Avengers movie.  But we have been hard at work, and can’t wait to share it all with you!  Those who follow us on social media are already on top of some of it*, but let’s begin with just a partial list:

  • Recorded our first ever acoustic demo video.
  • Wrote and recorded a brand new single called “Speak” at our very own 3CM Studio (a first!).
  • Had french toast for breakfast one Saturday
  • Completed production on the new song in New York with a new collaborator: producer Anthony “Rocky” Gallo.
  • Opened up an Instagram account (OK, so we were a little behind).
  • And let’s not forget the artwork for the new song (sneak peek above).  Design is ready and waiting; for your eyes only.

The most important item though, is that the new single hits the airwaves on 1-19-19Set your alarms.  Mark your calendars.  Get all your friends and family prepared with separate Spotify accounts and have them follow us here:

Our last single, “Break Your Curse”, received a lot of love from you, and we are forever grateful for that.  We hope you enjoy the new song “Speak” just as much.

I’m fine and dandy with the me inside,


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